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    Self-Watering Planter - ARTE-DEA

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    We usually ship in two days
    Self-Watering Planter - ARTE-DEA



    We usually ship in two days

    Arte-dea by Santino is two-in-one pot with self-watering system. Perfect for orchids.

    Double pot effectively protects the roots from extreme temperatures. The transparency of the flower pot helps to control humidity level inside the pot. Furthermore, it provides the light needed for photosynthesis.

    Arte-dea differs in its unique design. Arte has special "legs" with drainage holes for better moisture of the roots, Calipso has a wick. The inner pot of the Arte-dea is equipped with many drainage holes, so the water in the reservoir rises easily to the roots by evaporation.

    The drainage holes at the bottom of the inner pot provide oxygen directly to the root system. This prevents the occurrence of an anaerobic environment inside the flower pot.

    A spacious water reservoir creates sufficient moisture for the healthy growth of the plant.

    • PLANTER SIZE: Capacity 0.2 Gal; Height 5.7 inch; Diameter 4.9 inch;
    • Gardenera PLANTERS ARE CLEAN AND EASY TO USE. No leaks when watering your FLOWERS
    • HEALTHY ROOTS. The water doesn't stagnate thus keeping the roots healthy - it's a GREAT POT for indoor/outdoor use
    • FAST GROW. Our PLASTIC POTS have a system with an optimal air circulation in the roots that makes plants grow faster