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    GARDENERA Garden Soil

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    We usually ship in two days
    GARDENERA Garden Soil



    We usually ship in two days

    Gardenera Sphagnum Moss is ideal for growing orchids and using in hanging baskets. The organic sphagnum moss retains moisture and inhibits bacterial growth, which is crucial when nursing young or vulnerable plants. It reduces shock which is crucial when re-potting seedlings. The moss has a soft, feathered appearance which makes it good for use in wire or wood baskets. Natural sphagnum moss for growing orchids and using in hanging baskets. Holds moisture, yet drains quickly. Use as a mounting medium for ferns. Soft, feathered appearance is attractive in wire or cedar baskets. 100% organic moss for natural orchid growing.

    • 🌺 IDEAL FOR ALL ORCHIDS. Very clean, no sticks or stems or trash for Orchid and Succulent Plants. PERFECT AMOUNT: You will receive 1 Quart of pure new zealand sphagnum moss perfect for standard size planters. 1 bag can re-pot 1-2 plants.
    • it will swell after absorbing water, it helps the plants to retain water while hiding the dirt, and looks good. Reduces shock when re-potting seedlings.
    • APPLICATION: You can use Sphagnum Moss as nutritional succulent soil for plants, fern, venus flytrap plants, carnivorous plants, also as layering decoration for succulents, or use as egg-laying and incubation medium, substrate for reptile or amphibians terrariums.
    • ✅ MULTI-USE: Dried moss can use for make terrarium moss crafts, floral design or mini gardens, air plant terrariums, fill hanging basket line, decorate wreaths, natural lawn base for mini landscaping and scenery model, good filler of your faux houseplants.
    • Watering: Soak moss in distilled water only. Soaking the moss in TAP water may kill your plant.