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    Watering Planter in GREY/WHITE - ASTI

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    We usually ship in two days
    Watering Planter in GREY/WHITE - ASTI



    We usually ship in two days

    Houseplants have a problem: they rely on caregivers to provide water. But humans are inconsistent and it can be difficult to infer exactly how much water to give your plant at any given time.

    Our self watering violet pots eliminate the guesswork of watering by allowing plants to water themselves


    A Beautiful and Time Saving Investment

    As decorative flower pots become trendier, we find ways to help gardeners express their style. You wonÕt mind spending on this modern way of watering your plants as the water pot for plants is made using premium quality UV stable plastic and would last you longer than average ceramic pots.

    Self watering planters for indoor plants are strong, durable and feature a very simple design. This lightweight pot planter shows up as an elegant piece of decorations on roofs, balconies, gardens,s etc.


    Smart Choice for Conservationist

    Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best quality self watering plant pot and conserve water to positively impact the lives of as many people as humanly possible.

    Flower pot watering system offers a number of benefits for gardeners who strive for water conservation as well as gardening newbies. The plant water reservoir in the external pot provides the roots with the exact amount of water just when itÕs needed. The water level window controls the water level by displaying it clearly. 


    Grow a Happy and Healthy Garden

    These African violet self watering pots provide water to plants from the roots, rather than from the top. The drainage hole in the internal pot allows easy circulation of air and locks in enough moisture to grow plants quickly. Automatic watering pot is extremely useful to grow flowers like flowers, herbs, African violets and dahlias.



    1. Before planting the plant, it is recommended to pour a layer of gravel (2-3cm/1inch) for ideal moisture balance. You can also use perlite or specific mixtures of these materials.

    2. Pour the first layer of soil, which it shouldn't be much since you need to leave enough space for the root ball. Instead of soil, different types of peat mixtures can be used, suitable for your plant.

    3. Place the plant directly into the flowerpot and fill the remaining space with soil. Slightly compress. Add a little bit more soil, because it will settle within 2-3 weeks by 5-10%.

    4. Water your plant directly into the soil. Make sure that the water level does not exceed the level of gravel. Use the clear window to check the water level.


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    • OUR SELF WATERING SYSTEM WITH CLEAR VIEW WINDOW guarantees the health of your flowers, moist roots for over 4 weeks
    • TIME SAVING/HASSLE FREE. The best solution for those who are busy
    • FAST GROWTH. Our system enables optimal air circulation in the roots
    • UNIQUE LACQUER PLASTIC POT. Durable UV stable planter great for indoor outdoor use