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    Self Watering Planter in CREAM/WHITE - CALIPSO

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    Self Watering Planter in CREAM/WHITE - CALIPSO



    We usually ship in two days

    Are you looking for a stylish flowerpot? Great! Self-watering Calipso pot was created for you. This planter has a special reservoir for water and a self-watering wick, through which the plant draws the necessary moisture and this makes it perfect for water loving plants! It is designed with an ingenious drainage system that allows excess water to drain from the substrate in the external pot. This planter allows the optimal air circulation to promote root health.

    Calipso planter is perfect for growing plants - you can grow your favorite plants right there. Don't be afraid to experiment with the blooming plants for a balcony and easily plant them in the Calipso pot.

    It has an attractive oblong shape, which is suitable even for narrow windowsills and it is preferred because of pleasant shape, wide range of colors, and light weight, that make them comfortable in use. The leak-free design protects indoor surfaces. It is suitable for any type of small or medium plant and for the cultivation of different types of orchids or violas.

    • INNER POT with drainage holes for better moisture of the roots and easy OXYGEN CIRCULATION - a container for the plants
    • EXTERNAL POT with water reservoir and water level clear window
    • WATER LEVEL CLEAR WINDOW - a comfortable care and easy water level control
    • SELF-WATERING WICK provides better moisture of the roots